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OMAG - CNC machining services, milling services, turning services

Fabryka Maszyn i Urządzeń „OMAG” Sp. z o.o.

Fabryka Maszyn i Urządzeń „OMAG” Sp. z o.o. [Machine and Device Factory “OMAG” Limited liability company], as a continuation of Fabryka Maszyn Górniczych [Mining Machines Factory], has been present in the market for 50 years now. We are a reliable and diligent partner. We are recognized not only by our domestic recipients but also our recipients from abroad. Our main priority is to offer a high quality products and create solid relationship with our customers.


OMAG is a well-known manufacturer of machines and devices for mining industry in Poland (e.g. chain hoists, drilling rigs) and a recognized supplier and exporter of spare parts for automotive industry.

Each product is a result of an exemplary partner relationship from the time of order collection, through trial series preparation to the final product manufacture. Our significant experience, a modern machine park and our current Customers’ trust guarantee fulfillment of all ordered tasks.


The Company covers the area of 30 000 m2 out of which 10 000 m2 build up.
We employ over 145 well qualified employees.


Our employees experience and professionalism together with modern workshop equipment give us enable us to offer a constant improvement. Our offer expands systematically.

Wartość sprzedaży produktów na rynku Polskim oraz zagranicznym każdego roku stale wzrasta.

Sales is increasing
on the Polish and foreign market
every single year


Small diametrical rotating drilling rigs which can make holes up to 300 meters,
with electric, pneumatic or hydraulic drive.
Stationary and mobile crane devices of a lifting capacity from 3 to 10 tones,
with electric, pneumatic or hydraulic drive.
Transport beams used for suspended monorail of a lifting
capacity up to 6 tones.


OMAG Company performs all works of machining services, on its own material or material provided by the Customer, in the scope of:

  • turning services
  • milling services
  • drilling services
  • wet painting services
  • thermochemical treatment services
  • grinding services