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Machining services

Mining industry

Our Company exists on a mining market for over 50 years now. We have a significant experience and our products are recognized by the Customers from Europe, Asia and South America. Our machines are operated not only in Polish coal mines but also in Czech, Romanian, Spanish, Slovenia, Argentina and Vietnamese coal mines.

Our offer consists of the following groups of products:

  • small diametrical rotating drilling rigs which can make holes up to 300 meters, with electric, pneumatic or hydraulic drive,
  • stationary and mobile crane devices of a lifting capacity from 3 to 10 tones, with electric, pneumatic or hydraulic drive,
  • transport beams used for suspended monorail of a lifting capacity up to 6 tones.


Our devices proved to be an excellent help in difficult mining working conditions. They can be used both in coal mines, where there is a danger of methane or coal dust explosion and in those where there is a high level of humidity.

Machine park

We have also our own construction and technology office and the machine park we have provides a guarantee to have an easy access to all elements that are a part of our products. Our machines and devices have all statutory required certificates and are manufactured in accordance with the quality assurance system.


Wide range of machine tools allows to manufacture all kinds of details of a different level of difficulty. Treatment is done on traditional machine tools and CNC machine tools.

We have our own specialized labolatory equipped with modern equipment, thanks to which, we monitor, correct and, most of all, we prevent the emergence of potential incompatibilities.

Technical documentation